Raymonde or the vertical escape (2018)

Raymonde is really fed up with peas, aphids, dirty panties and her kitchen garden to dig. After all, she would prefer sex, and love, and the immensity of the sky...

In Deep Waters (2015)

Paul, Aurore, Jean-Pierre have in common a secret and intimate experience which has impacted their whole life…

Novecento, pianist (2005)

Born during an ocean crossing, Novecento is thirty-years-old and has never been ashore. Sailing the Atlantic, he spends his life in the piano lounge of the ship, composing an enchanting music, the greatest ever heard on the Ocean.

The Skeleton-Woman (2009)

Tired and bored by her dull daily life, a young housewife mourns her lost american lover and dreams of a better life, elsewhere. Inside her, the skeleton woman, hidden into the dark, is waiting to be saved.